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monday 3rd december

Street has been the discipline of choice for Flipside over the last couple of months - and Portsmouth has been our point of focus, with Day Ones Colin Horan in residence there over the summer.

World famous for the legendary Southsea skatepark, Portsmouth is less well-known for the plethora of skateable architecture and seemingly perfect sculpted features littering its expanses - a streetboarders dream.

Dom, backside smith sequence 180-out, Portsmouth Guildhall

The Guildhall and town centre provided the location for filming and as much street as we could throw down, but the civic nature of the city meant regular disturbance by the law, civil servants and other such fun police...

Dom & Adam homies kickin back in Rom-pton 'hood...So Adam Walder and I returned again with Paul Nash a couple of weeks later, first skating Romsey with Colin then moving onto Portsmouth to check out some spots we had seen last time.

Inflexible schedules and varying weather have resulted in less hook ups than we wanted - we made the most of our time collecting footage, stomping new moves and discovering new locations.

Dom exiting a high smith grind on the Romsey wallride Paul Nash whips out a smith in Portsmouth city centre Dom rocking a backside smith with the greatest of steez...

The decline of weather quality, increasingly short days and other commitments have had a depressant effect on the regularity on our sessions, not to mention the skateability of metal ramps. In the run-up to the UK Nationals, I also managed to hurt myself, so took the last couple of weeks off to recouperate before the big showdown.

Day Ones Colin Horan - Ghetto Blaster tee promo shotColin has taken time to resurrect the Day One streetboard brand - his personal take on the streetboard lifestyle.

Along with his ever-popular peaked beanies, Colin has produced some fresh t-shirt designs and set up a new new website.

This summers footage will be available to see in the upcoming Flipside 2007 compilation video, to be released soon... ;o)

Next up - UK Nationals!