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Whistler AirDome - september 2008

A collection of images from the Whistler AirDome - indoor mountain-bike park and supersize foam pit training facility.

Airdome panorama - 180degree pan showing drop-in, foampit and step-up tabletops

AirDome panorama, showing entire bike-park

Dom rolling into the AirDome drop-in, giving you some idea of the scale of this park...

The drop-in...
for scale!
Tom arching a backflip from the big drop-off into the foam pit

Tom - backflip off the big drop
Dom laying down a Backside rodeo

Backside rodeo
Dom mid-twist - Misty 5

Misty 5 mid-flight

Classic corked out rodeo 5

Classic rodeo
Tom hitting the big drop into the foam pit

Tom - drop off
Biker going large on his 2nd backflip ever..!

This guys 2nd backflip ever!
Biker getting big air, transferring over the gap to the step-up tabletop

Biker gets air - transfer to step-up