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Chamonix snowboarding - january 2010

CJ and I spent 2 weeks in Chamonix - the snow was perfect, the powder was constant, and the skies were blue (well, most of the time ;). You couldn't ask for better weather!

We were joined by Flipside rider Spal, our Bournemouth friends Rosco and Greg, my mum, and a host of other players - who all contributed to make this a fantastic fortnight shredding the powder and exploring the backcountry in the Chamonix valley...

Dom riding out from the powder face at Flegere

Riding out from the powder at Flegere
270 to switch frontside boardslide 180 to 270 out. Yo.

270 to switch FS boardslide-180 to 270 out. Yo. ;)
Big powder rooster tail at the Grands Montets

Dom carving a big powder rooster tail
CJ slashes the powder down the back of the Grands Montets

CJ slashes powder at the Grandes Montets

CJ in an untouched backcountry gulley at Le Tour

CJ in a backcountry gulley at Le Tour
Rosco loving the powder in the Le Tour backcountry

Rosco loving the backcountry powder
Flipside rider Spal surveys the valley towards Argentiere

Spal surveys the Argentiere valley
CJ off-piste on the summer bike route down from Grands Montets

CJ off-piste at Grands Montets

On the train...

On the train...
Strangely Dom's idea of apres-ski did not fit with the groups general plan...

Dom's idea of apres-ski is not everyones
CJ by Chamonix church, lit up at night

CJ by Chamonix church, lit at night
Rosco - heading to Courmayeur...

Rosco - heading to Courmayeur...

Waiting for the Courmayeur cable-car...

CJ waits for the cable-car...
Boys, Courmayeur valley - the obligatory scenic shot

Boys + Courmayeur valley
Off to eat as the snow falls in Chamonix town

Snow falls in Chamonix
Took hours to get this shot just right ;) The images you don't see...

Took hours to get this shot just right..!