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Jasper - october 2008

We stayed for a day in Jasper. The Jasper National Park was picturesque - although at this time of year, it was quite barren and chilly.

We say Elk wondering through the streets the night we arrived - although we could not get pictures in the darkness - but unfortunately did not see any the next day :(

Jasper panorama - looking over Jasper National Park

Jasper panorama - showing Jasper National Park

Jasper crossroads panorama

Jasper crossroads

Totem pole outside Jasper train station

Train station totem pole
Shunter warming up in the train sidings

Shunter in sidings
Old steam engine on display outside station building

Old steam engine
Classic north american passenger car viewing wdome

Carriage viewing dome

Doms fashionable moose hat...

What you looking at?!
CJ getting mauled by a bear ;)

CJ bear attack!
Jasper Lutherian church

Jasper Lutherian church
Traditional log cabin construction

Modern log cabin