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Joffre Lakes hike - september 2008

CJ & I drove out past Pemberton and Mt.Currie reservation to visit the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. The hike encompasses 3 lakes, ending up at the Joffre Glacier, and takes about 5 hours round trip.

The weather forcast looked good, but when we got there it had rained, turning the path into a mudbath - me in trainers. Doh!

The inukshuk (or inunnguaq - human statue) and western-style garage at Pemberton Junction

Pemberton Junction inukshuk statue
The Provincial Parks map showing the route through the Joffre Lakes

Joffre Lakes map
CJ feeding a Whiskey Jack bird at Joffre Lake 2

CJ feeding a Whiskey Jack
Dom towers over the Joffre Glacier - a giant amongst men..!

Dom and the
Joffre Glacier

CJ crossing one of the rock slopes littering the path up the valley

CJ crossing a rock slope
Climbing another rock slope into the tree canopy above Joffre Lake no.2

Climbing into the
tree canopy

Joffre Lake no.1

Joffre Lake no.1

Joffre Lake no.2

Joffre Lake no.2

Joffre Lake no.3

Joffre Lake no.3

Joffre Glacier, above Joffre Lake no.3

Joffre Glacier