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Tofino weekend - august 2008

We went to Vancouver Island again - this time to the surf town of Tofino!

Mick & Tom, Joe, Matty & Amber CJ and myself spent a long weekend checking out Ucluelet and Tofino. Surfed Wickannish Beach, then met up with Sebastian; went whale-watching and visited the thermal waterfall in Hot Springs Cove.

We stopped in Sproat Lake Provincial Park - under the massive ancient trees

Sproat Lake Provincial Park trees
This vast tree trunk was laid on the Stamp River rock flats - how it got there, no one knows..!

Log across Stamp River rock flats
Joe leaping across waterfalls on the Stamp River

Joe leaping waterfalls
We were SOOO close to this bear, literally 10ft away - and it was so chilled about it...!

Bear close-up -
10ft away!

This boat has been beached on an island in Tofino harbour, and converted into a permanent house!

Tofino house-boat
Our surf vans pulled up in Wickaninnish Beach before we went out surfing.

Surf vans at Wickaninnish Beach
Getting ready to surf with our best surf poses...

Surf poses
Stranger lads taking a break for a bite to eat

Mick & Tom grabbing a snack

Mick catching a wave, making it look easy..

Mick catching a wave
Boys return from surfing, Reservoir Dogs-style!

Boys returning after surfing...
Joe cooking his dinner on our campsite fire!

Joe cooking his dinner on our campfire!
Relaxing back at the campsite after a hard day surfing!

Relaxing at the campsite

An Orca dorsal fin (Killer whale)about 15m away. Watched them for about half-an-hour...

Orca (killer whale) dorsal fin
Dom and Sebastian in high seas on the whale-watching boat

Dom & Sebastian whale-watching
CJ & Sebastian standing in the steam above the hot spring

Steaming river at
the hot spring
Sebastian and CJ enjoying the heated waterfall. Bizarrely colder at one end, and hotter the other!

Sebastian & CJ in
hot waterfall

The amazing prehistoric lanscape around Northern Clayoquot Sound

The pre-historic-looking Northern Clayoquot Sound